Life is lived in technicolor; a broad statement. And while I hold that truth to be self-evident, I do see that the pieces of a life seem to pass us by in hues. Blue periods, seeing red, seeking the black abyss; our lives are ever-shifting kaleidoscopes. Those hues will never appear arranged in the same pattern twice. As we continue through the flashing colors, looking back on them doesn’t strike us with the same stain as it did in the moment.

Whether I intend this study of polychromatism to be a private show or a public exhibition is an unknown to myself, but call it a study, an experiment, an exploration of sorts. In the mean time, I’ll call this a map of where I am somewhere over my rainbow…

Each entry will be a shade, a synthesis of many an experience into a single saturation. It is my intent to observe each day in a solitary tone, and see where it takes me. And how different the colors look over my shoulder than in the moment. The theory goes that one cannot imagine a new color, we simply may perceive colors that have never been personally experienced on an actual physical object. Is it possible to capture the feeling of life in an infinite amount of pigments one has to feel to believe? Can we have faith in something so seemingly superficial as color?

Take these entries as you will. Maybe it will be a fleeting exercise or a human condition crystallized.


Feel free to contact: info@dearchroma.com